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Rebekah MacKay

Collioure, France, 2019

Watercolor and ink on paper


10 limited edition prints have been made.Details: 8x12'', Printed on archival watercolor paper, signed and titled with the edition number. 


Subject: The pearl of the Vermillion Coast, the little town of Collioure. A hot afternoon in July, the beach was filled with locals swimming and sunbathing. 


A little history: Henri Matisse arrived in Collioure in May 1905 at the age of 36, depressed, full of self doubts and very short of money. As soon as he got off the train he was struck by the vitality of the little Catalan fishing port. His depression lifted.

Everywhere he saw colour and light, almost violent in its intensity. He was about to fill a hundred canvasses and start a new movement in the history of art. He sent a simple postcard to his friend Andre Derain. “Venez!” it said. (come!)

Collioure, France

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