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Creative can’t stand alone. Strategy needs a partner in crime. Creative and strategy. Art and science. One and the same. When you work with Hello Roo, you get the best of both worlds. 


The Creative

Hi, I'm Rebekah (Roo)–Photographer, creative director, producer, and owner of Hello Roo.


I was raised in New England and received my BA in Illustration and MS in Photography at Syracuse University.  


My career started in fashion at Ralph Lauren where I grew a vast portfolio of original artwork and photography for in-store displays. Everything from a 6-foot canvas painting to perfectly curated photographs and sketches.


Wanting to “do it all” and missing being on set,  I pivoted my career and became an in-house producer at the Ralph Lauren advertising agency.  There I developed a diverse range of skill sets while producing shoots for the over seven brands under the Ralph Lauren umbrella. I had the honor of working alongside some of the most talented photographers and creative directors in the industry.


Since the launch of Hello Roo in 2017, I've been honored to work with a wide variety of clients on everything from production, photography, and creative development.


Always going the extra mile (pun intended) I have a passion for all things adventure, fitness, and travel related.  My years as a competitive runner and now all-around athlete has given me the edge I need to capture moments in some of the most remote locations that are accessible only by foot.


Currently based in Seattle by way of NYC and SF, though my love of travel keeps me working all over the world.

 heather stephens 

The Strategist

Hello friends! I'm Heather!


My Motto: Make great work. Tell the truth. Share authentic stories. Travel the world. Help rad brands recognize their potential. These principles have guided my career path since graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Marketing and Communications. 


I’m passionate about exploring the ways that an idea can spark, connect, and resonate with people. Over the past decade I’ve worked in travel, athletic, and wellness industries helping start ups get their start, and established organizations set business objectives and deliver on them. 


My superpower is social media. Whether you’re looking to test out social for the first time or improve upon your current campaigns, I’ll help you cut through the technical jargon and navigate the ever-evolving algorithms so you can focus on results.


Nomadic at heart, I’m more than happy to travel for work. 

Fun Facts: 

Rebekah and Heather were competitive athletes and met running D1 track at Syracuse University.


The’ve traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Peru together.

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